Commercial Fit Out

Commercial Fit - Out

Our designer and project manager work as part of your team to evaluate the space, develop space plan and final floor plans and furniture recommendations. We take into consideration all area of your commercial space. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective, highly efficient and timely transformation of your space. We know how to turn the space environment on paper into a reality that works.

We always envision your business to be perfectly reflected into your commercial space, that’s why Our in-house architect and design team follow the following stages:

Commercial Fit-Out Costing

Call our budgeting specialists on 021 559 66 780 for advice and further information on project costs. Cost information is only a guide. Project costs vary and figures quoted above are averages per square foot for typical CAT B office fit-out and office refurbishment. See our Design Portfolio section for more cost information where each project case study shows associated costs.

Commercial Fit-Out Data

Rp per M2 Fit-Out
5,500.000/m2 - Average
10,000,000/m2 - High Spec
3,500,000/m2 - Low Spec

Project Stage Duration
Legals & Design - 1 until 3 months
Fit-out - Project size and specification dependent

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